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Saskatoon Computer Repair

Mobile in home and office service.

Call: (306)374-PCDR(7237)

Computer Doctor


9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
7 days a week.
Typically same or next day availability.
Remote Support


In home and office
computer repair service.
Serving Saskatoon and area.


Minimum: 1 hour.
Residential: $60/hour.
Business: $75/hour.
Half hour billing after the first hour.

Mobile Saskatoon Computer Repair

We Make House Calls.

Phone: (306)374-PCDR(7237)

Mobile Computer Repair Benefits:

No more:

  • Crawling under the desk to pull the computer out.
  • Dragging the computer down to the shop.
  • Waiting weeks for the shop to fix it.
  • Dragging the computer home.
  • Figuring out what wires go where.
  • Powering the computer on only to see the problem is still there.


  • Your time is not wasted transporting the computer.
  • Typically we can have someone on site the same or next day.
  • You get to meet and talk with the technician.
  • You get to see the problem fixed.
  • You can have other problems or issues corrected as desired.

Mobile Computer Repair Services:

The vast majority of problems can be fixed on site quicker, easier and more thoroughly than taking it into a shop. Viruses, networking, printing, scanning, fax, tune ups, cleanings, upgrades and most hardware repairs fall into this category.

The odd time we may have to take it with us if the problem is going to take more than 3 hours on site to resolve. Windows installs (includes updates and malware protection at the very least), drive imaging or recovery and motherboard replacements fit this category.

Between the 2 of us, we have over 48 years combined experience in computer repair and networking. If it has something to do with computers or networks, we can help you out.

Virus Removal
Slow Computer
Repairs & Upgrades
Data Transfers
Data Recovery
Networking & Wireless
Printing & Scanning
Audio & Video
SPAM Blockers
Smart Phones & Tablets

While we do carry spare parts (power supplies, fans, etc.) we are not a hardware or software reseller. This means we are not tied to any one product and will always look for the best solution to get the job done.

Providing on site computer repair in Saskatoon and area.

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